Minecraft Server

The AJS Minecraft Server is a modded server for close family and friends (whitelist only) that encourages exploration, player progression, and teamwork. Interested in playing with us?

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Main Focus

Like any modded server, there are several mods installed (see full mod list here) that add additional blocks, items, dimensions, and mobs for you to build with, utilize, explore, and defend against. The goal is to provide an experience similar to vanilla Minecraft, but with more depth and some quality of life improvements. Below are the main objectives.

Server Information:

  • Server Address: mc.aaronjstevenson.com
  • Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
  • Type: Modded (Forge)
  • Users: Whitelist Only


Vanilla Minecraft almost discourages exploring due to the extreme penalties when you die (you lose EVERYTHING). This server is different, where exploration is highly encouraged, recommended, and rewarded!

The Betweenlands mod adds an additional magical dimension to adventure and explore with your friends. Quark, Biome Bundle + OTG, and Roguelike Dungeons change the world generation to make it feel new and unique, adding over 400 biomes and 2000 structures (including dungeons)! The backpacks from Wearable Backpacks give you additional inventory space to hoard all of the cool new items and blocks you may find.

If you happen to die on your adventures, you will still lose your experience, but you will get to keep all of the items you have collected, including the armor you are wearing, thanks to Corpse Complex. You may have some negative potion effects however (hint: try drinking milk).

JourneyMap is also recommended to have a much improved mapping experience over vanilla and keep track of where you’ve been, and the Waystones mod is also included to ease traveling between player homes.

Player Progression

Player progression on the server focuses around one particular mod, Skillable. Skillable gives each player 8 skills (Mining, Farming, Gathering, Attack, Defense, Agility, Magic, and Building) to rank up using levels earned through playing the game (combat, cooking, mining, etc.). As you rank up your skills, you unlock access to better gear and items to help you progress in the game.

Scaling Health gives each player ways to increase their maximum health for added survivability. Be careful though, as it also gives hostile mobs more health as you improve! Don’t worry about it getting too difficult though. Your player difficulty will reset to normal each Sunday.

ArmorPlus also adds additional weapon and armor types for players to craft and use, assuming they meet the skill level requirements. These, in addition to the other mods installed, give each player a good sense of character progression and additional goals to work toward.


Minecraft is best as a co-op game. Therefore, PvP is disabled and player grieving will be punished. You are encouraged to play with your friends, not against them. In addition, the PlayerRevive mod allows you to revive your friends if they die. This saves them from losing their experience and allows you to keep exploring as a team.

You are also invited to join us on Discord!

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